Published January 3, 2022
by The UP! App
Manufacturing Trends Show Change Is Ahead For Machine Shops

With the latest growth in the manufacturing sector, it’s now evident that change is inevitable for the year ahead. As manufacturing operations rebound after the global disruption from the pandemic, we wanted to evaluate how manufacturing companies are adapting to the ‘new normal’ as we move into the 2022 calendar year.

Many companies have introduced various innovations in their manufacturing processes in an effort to have a competitive advantage. Some of the industry trends we expect to see in 2022 aim to maximize automation, enhance security and efficiency, and reduce staffing and supply chain issues. They include:

New Recruitment Techniques

The manufacturing industry has experienced a shortage of skilled labor since 2020. While the situation seems to improve with the ease of Covid-19 restrictions, there’s a considerable labor shortage that most manufacturers will have to deal with.

The labor shortage will necessitate more innovative strategies to aid in recruitment. Manufacturers are finding ways to make the workplace more flexible to attract more job seekers. Besides, manufacturers have also started finding skilled labor & machine service technicians from reputable virtual platforms like The UP! App.

The UP! App gives manufacturers a platform to connect with professional machine service providers. You only need to submit preventative maintenance or a machine service request, and you will find service providers ready to offer the assistance you need. What’s better is that you can evaluate their rates and quality ratings and pick the one you prefer for the machine services you need.


Cybersecurity is one of the most significant concerns modern manufacturers face due to the increased interlinking of information technology and operational processes. This can pose a risk of financial and intellectual property losses to cyberattacks. Combined with regulatory supervision, these risks will push manufacturers to take precautionary measures to maintain more secure systems.


Reshoring is a process that involves balancing budget and trade deficit by bringing manufacturing and other services back from overseas. The supply chain problems and the recent tariff wars have led manufacturers to reduce their dependence on imports. The result is a change in raw materials management, inventory management and supply chain processes as most companies work to be more resilient & adopt new procurement processes.

Artificial Intelligence and Automation Advancements

The use of automated technology and artificial intelligence is a trend that will streamline operational processes in the manufacturing industry. IoT (internet of things) will continue to lead the digital transformation in manufacturing. Some of the modern technologies we expect to see include:

  • Generative design: The AI-based technology helps manufacturers design new product offerings seamlessly within a short turnaround time.
  • Hyper automation: The technology involves evaluating different processes in manufacturing companies and determining the best ways to automate them.
  • Autonomic technology: This is the ability of systems to manage themselves and adapt to changes. More manufacturing companies are looking towards adopting systems that can quickly adapt to change to meet the demands of the market environment.
Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance allows manufacturers to predict issues during manufacturing operations. Using the expertise of the skilled professionals on The UP! App, you can find service providers that will help you reduce downtime by implementing predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance will help you with your shop’s digital transformation, maximizing profitability and uptime, so you can meet your growth initiatives.

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Be A Part Of The Digital Transformation

In the coming years, the manufacturing industry is more likely to lean towards accountability, automation, efficiency, and security. Manufacturing will continue growing despite concerns with supply chain disruptions, human resource management, and inventory management processes.

One of the best ways to be part of the digital transformation is by using state-of-the-art technology like The UP! App. This platform streamlines the recruitment of machine service providers. Download The UP! App via Play Store or App Store or register online to find a technician to fix issues with your machine effortlessly.