Published October 15, 2020
by Dave

Good customer service could be the difference between retaining or losing a customer. When your clients are frustrated, confused, or just want to get to know your business a little bit better, does your customer service team have all the answers? Or do they need assistance?

High-quality customer service is a necessity no matter the size of your company. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a large industrial OEM, you need mechanisms in place to solve problems quickly and creatively. The quality of your customer service as an industrial manufacturer impacts not only your business, but your customers’ businesses as well.

The Qualities of Good Customer Service

Receiving high-quality service is something that every customer expects, especially if they are consistently paying for your services. While the types of service you provide may differ from company to company, there are several best practices that can be applied no matter what situation you’re in.

  1. Respond quickly.

We’ve all had the experience of being stuck on hold without an end in sight. Or left a message that no one responds to? While often times these waits are the result of an overabundance of customer service requests and not enough people to fill them, having the ability to quickly respond to the person who’s in need of service can reduce the likelihood that they’ll be frustrated with you rather than the product.

  1. Know your product.

While this may seem obvious, customers expect your customer service department to be in-the-know when it comes to your products and potential problems which might arise.  A highly trained customer service team will not only impress your customers, but it will keep them coming back to you for the different products and services you provide.

  1. Be able to solve the problem creatively.

Sometimes, there may not be a “one size fits all” answer for your customer’s problem. That’s when you have to personalize their solution to fit their unique circumstance. While this might include doing something for a customer that you wouldn’t normally do (such as offering them a discount to offset their time lost trying to fix the problem), retaining that customer might be the first priority of your service team.

  1. Communicate clearly.

Believe it or not, being able to clearly communicate a solution to your customer’s problem is one of the most important elements of providing good customer service. If your customer has questions, make sure to give them a straightforward answer that they can easily remember. If necessary, walk them step by step through fixing their problem and give them tips so it won’t happen again. Clear, annunciated speech is a must as well!

Our Dedicated Customer Success Team

At UP!, our team is passionate about helping requesters find the best possible solutions to their industrial repair and maintenance needs. From helping you set up your profile to answering general questions about how the Network works, our Customer Success Team offers customized support.

The UP! Customer Success Team can help you find high-quality technicians to service your machines by assisting you in navigating and utilizing the UP! Network. If you are someone who likes options, then you are in the right place. We can provide customized support to help you work through your unique problems.

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