Published March 1, 2022
by The UP! App

Version 4.0 makes using the app easier with 100% digital forms

Finding success in the manufacturing industry isn’t easy–especially when one of your key machines is down, and you’re facing anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks of downtime while you wait on a repair technician.

Manufacturers know all too well that downtime means late order delivery, lost revenue and in some cases, damaged partnerships and customer relationships.

Enter the UP! App: a free-to-use app designed to help connect manufacturers with available technicians, so they can schedule industrial machine repair services quickly and efficiently.

Service providers can also reach more customers and expand their business by joining the UP! Network.

Finding a high-quality technician to repair your industrial machinery is already easy with the UP! App. Now it’s even easier with UP! Version 4.0, where you can fully digitize your user forms–never having to print, hand-sign, or scan in a single document!

Here’s an overview of the UP! App, it’s benefits and what’s new in version 4.0.

How Does The UP! App Work?

If you’re looking for a service repair for your industrial machine equipment, it’s as simple as accessing the UP! App from your mobile device or desktop computer, and submitting a service request.

You can provide a detailed description of the machine and the issues it’s having, and you can even upload photos and videos for technicians to view.

Once the service request is submitted, our service matching platform quickly scours our expansive network of qualified service providers, and sends a notification to the best-suited technicians for your issue. Available technicians will then connect with you by sending an estimate for you to review.

You can then view detailed information about each service provider, pricing details, their location and availability, certifications, experience and rated reviews from other UP! users.

You can then select which provider you’d like to work with, and schedule a service appointment using our in-app messaging. It’s that simple!

The Benefits of The UP! App for Manufacturers and Service Providers

The benefits of the UP! App for users requesting service include:

  • Instant access to a wide network of qualified technicians, eliminating the need for online searches and research
  • Easy communication through in-app messaging, with photo and video capabilities
  • The ability to choose a service provider based on ratings, location, availability and experience

All of these benefits equal reduced downtime and happier customers.

The UP! App isn’t just for companies requesting service–it provides tremendous benefits for industrial machine repair providers as well. Joining our network gives service providers  access to a wider pool of potential customers, and the app’s scheduling and messaging capabilities make it easier to communicate with customers and provide faster, better service.

OEMs can also use the UP! App to outsource their tech service to other technicians in the area, to reduce their customer’s downtime and keep them happy.

What’s New in Version 4.0 of The UP! App?

Version 4.0 of the UP! App has made the process of industrial machine repair even easier. UP! 4.0 offers the full digitization of user forms–eliminating the need to print, hand-sign, scan and email paper or PDF forms during the service process.

Both manufacturers and service providers often require signed forms by both parties for communication, fulfillment, compliance, work orders and more. UP! 4.0 allows users on both ends of the service agreement to upload, access and digitally sign these forms, all within the app. The forms are delivered on the UP! app in formats that are easy to access, sort, store, review and share from a single and central location in the platform and from the respective job or service request.

Other updates to the UP! 4.0 App Include:

  • Users can now capture and track all the maintenance performed via their warranty or service contract or services performed by internal resources
  • Users can personalize their machine by adding a nickname or reference ID to it
  • Users requesting service can edit the problem description without canceling the service request
  • On a service request, version 4.0 displays the full name of the favorite user in addition to company name and address
  • Users can now differentiate a service request submitted via favorites by a favorite’s icon.
  • Users requesting service can add favorite service providers to their own list, separate from their company’s list
  • Users requesting service have the ability to invite more estimates by adding helpful images or videos of the machine
  • We’ve made performance improvements to the service history dashboard to handle an increasing number of service requests and completion.
  • We’ve removed password masking to make platform users more comfortable with complicated passwords making them easier to memorize and use.
  • A platform user can now change/update their email on their account without having to register again or lose the existing transaction history

Download The Free UP! App Today

It’s time to end the struggle to find quick and efficient service for your industrial machinery by downloading the UP! App today! You can download the app on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or sign up using any internet browser.