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Using Technology to Solve the Manufacturing Talent Shortage

industrial manufacturing technology, the Up app

Using Technology to Solve the Manufacturing Talent Shortage

As a whole, the U.S. manufacturing industry is experiencing tremendous growth and increased productivity within manufacturing is a strong contributor to the overall U.S. economy. To fully capitalize on the opportunity in our industry additional talent will be needed.

Industry Week cited research by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute that predicts roughly 4.6 million manufacturing jobs will be added over the next decade. As there is already a shortage in the current market, proactive action is necessary in the upcoming years.industrial manufacturing technology, the Up app

“In speaking with manufacturers and service providers all over North America, it’s clear how technology solutions are helping to lessen the talent shortage burden,” says David Rhodes, Director of Sales and Customer Success for The Up! App. “It’s imperative to use technology to optimize growth in the most effective way possible, prioritizing efficiency in order to maximize productivity.”

Technology, training, and employee retention will all play a part in solving the talent shortage; below we’ve rounded up the top ways to implement measures to continue propelling your business and the industry forward.


Technology as a Connector

Since technology is already ingrained in the manufacturing industry, why not leverage the most innovative resources possible to help connect talent? Using an app like The Up! App connects service requesters with service providers, delivering on-demand industrial machine service to the manufacturing industry. Having access to new equipment and service providers that will provide fast responses to requester needs reduces industrial machine downtime, therefore increasing productivity without overworking or over-stressing the talent at hand. In an industry where time is money, making these connections as fluidly as possible can save you from lost time, lost revenue, lost business opportunity, and lost reputation.


Technology as an Industry Attractor

Data has shown that fewer young people are looking to join the manufacturing industry, but by repositioning jobs within manufacturing as on the forefront of technology, the industry has the potential to tap into top talent. Reframing perceptions and highlighting the benefits of cutting-edge technology could increase awareness and interest across a wide range of skilled younger workers.


Upskilling Employees

Employee retention is imperative in any industry, and one of the best ways to maintain talent is through further training. Educating your current workforce on new technology, the next technical system or machinery not only helps inspire them to grow within their roles, but will free up entry-level positions for those starting out in the industry.


Empower Employees

When employees have the tools to solve manufacturing problems faster, and the resources to be more productive, they have more of a desire to stay in their positions. Using a tool like The Up! App, which delivers on-demand industrial machine service, empowers employees by enabling them to remedy any difficulties at hand in a timely manner. When using The Up! App, plant managers are better equipped at their job since they can get service fast to keep their machines up and running, and service providers get access to more jobs. It is a win-win for the whole industry.


For more information on the manufacturing industry growth and how The Up! App can help your manufacturing plant or service business, join Up! for free and explore the app on your desktop or mobile.