Published May 4, 2021
by The UP! App

The UP! Network is a revolutionary tool to connect people who need work done on their CNC and other industrial machines to those who can provide that service. By posting a service request detailing the type of machine, problem, location of your shop, and more, you can sort through estimates and choose the best technician for the job.

In order to make the most of the UP! Network, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for both requesters and providers to help ensure your experience is as beneficial and efficient as possible.

Service Requesters

Tip 1: Pre-load your equipment/machinery list into your My Machines inventory.

Benefit: This saves time when a machine goes down and is in need of quick service.

Tip 2: Add your existing network of service providers to your UP! network via Favorites.

Benefit: When you make a service request, you can choose to send the request only to your preferred service  providers. This will save you time in future service requests.

Tip 3: Use the Problem Description field and attach supporting documents and/or images to include details about your service request. This will be helpful for potential service providers to diagnose the issue more accurately.

Benefit: By being as thorough as possible, service providers will know if they are the best suited for the job at hand. The more information they have, the more accurately they can place an estimate.

Tip 4: Sort and filter the estimates you receive by proximity of the service provider, rates, customer reviews, and more.

Benefit: This helps you choose the right provider for your needs and prioritize the things that are most important to you.

Tip 5: Use in-app messaging to communicate with service providers who have responded to your service request. UP! has both in-app messaging and device-independent video call capabilities to help find a solution to your service request.

Benefit: Save time by tying your communication directly to your service request. You can also solve issues remotely with clear and easy communication.

Tip 6: Rate your service provider and store your service history to use as a reference in the future.

Benefit: Use your UP! service history to keep track of repairs and, if necessary, to provide as much information as possible to future service providers.

Service Providers

Tip 1: If your company name suggests you are based in one geography (for instance Kentucky Machine Repair) but you have service techs located in several regions, be sure to include your service tech’s location in the Additional Details section of your estimate.

Benefit: Requesters seem to prefer local support and are less likely to choose you as their technician if your  company name includes a city or state that suggests you are located far away from the requester’s shop. By communicating that you have techs in their geographic area, you’re more likely to get the job.

Tip 2: Complete your service provider profile to instill confidence in new customers. Upload supporting documents like rate sheets, licenses, and certifications for your business and technicians. List your website and other helpful pieces of information that you want a customer to see.

 Benefit: In many cases, your business can sell itself with resources you already have by including them in your UP! profile. If you can work across both borders of the United States, include that, as well. UP! is now available in both Mexico and Canada.

Tip 3: Select your service coverage areas and specialties in your UP! service provider profile.

Benefit: By selecting your coverage areas, you receive notifications for service requests that are in your service area.

Tip 4: Sort, organize, and prioritize service requests on your Open Requests dashboard based on the attributes that make sense for your business; proximity, type of service, type of machine, location, and more.

Benefit: Pick and choose which requests you want to pursue; your business will not be penalized for not responding to a request.

Tip 5: Reply to and win customers’ business by submitting thorough details. This includes your best pricing estimate, availability, and any other additional information you’d like to include, such as questions for the service requester that could help you to diagnose the issue.

Benefit: UP!’s simple format allows you to submit your response and company information quickly and easily. This will help you get more business.

Tip 6: Communicate with service requesters via our in-app messaging. Use the in-app chat and device-independent video call capabilities to help find a solution to a service request.

Benefit: By meeting the requester over messages or video calls, you can save time and solve some issues remotely with clear and easy communication.

Tip 7: Let the service requester know when you’ve completed a job and include additional notes you’d like to leave.

Benefit: View completed service request details and notes left for the requester from your Service History for future reference.

Learn More Tips from UP!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can make your UP! experience easier and more successful, reach out to our Customer Service team at (614) 407-8674. We’re passionate about helping you get the most out of your UP! experience. If you need more tips on how to market yourself as a service provider, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Or, download the app today to get started!