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Service Requester Best Practices

Pre-Load Your Machines

By having your machine details pre-loaded into The Up! App you will slash response time, effectively saving you money. When a machine goes down, simply select the machine from your list of machines within the app and send out a service request with the tap of a button.

Verify & Request Further Information

As a service requester, The Up! App allows you to easily communicate with your selected service provider. You will have access to your service provider’s contact information which can be used to verify and exchange important information such as: 

  • Service Information: It is important to communicate and verify with your service provider exactly what it is you need fixed. Confirm machine information, service location, cause or nature of the issue needing fixed, and any other information that will help your provider complete the job.
  • Insurance & Certification: Request proof of insurance, factory certifications, and any other qualifying documents needed from your service provider.
  • Payment & Financial Information: Confirm items such as rates, travel expenses, taxes, additional charges & fees, and any other pieces of financial information needed to complete the job.
  • Safety, Tools & Equipment: Discuss what pieces of safety gear, tools, and equipment will be needed specific to this job and job site. What will you be responsible for providing and what will they be responsible for bringing.
  • Common Courtesy: If you need to cancel a service request, do so immediately from within the app to prevent any unnecessary tech arrivals and time & travel costs.