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Service Provider Best Practices

Complete Your Profile

The Up! App can bring your organization opportunities that you might have never known about otherwise. To be matched with the best and most qualified opportunities, complete the Profile section of The Up! App by filling out your Company Details and Account Information. If you add in a machine that is not on the drop selector, be sure to spell it correctly.

Stay Active

Check your Up! App often. When a new request notification is received, be sure to check and review the opportunity. If you’d like to bid on a request, submit your bid as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of being awarded the job.


As a service provider, The Up! App allows you to easily communicate with your service requester. Upon winning a bid, you will have access to your service requester’s contact information. This can be used to verify and exchange important information such as:

  • Service Request Information: It is important to communicate and verify with your service requester exactly what it is you will be paid to fix. Confirm machine information, service location, cause or nature of the issue needing fixed, and any other information that will help you provide the best service possible.
  • Payment & Financial Information: Affirm items such as your rates, travel expenses, taxes, additional charges & fees, and any other pieces of financial information needed to complete the job.
  • Safety, Tools & Equipment: Discuss what pieces of safety gear, tools and equipment you will need specific to this job and job site. What will you be responsible for bringing and what will they provide for you.
  • Scheduling & Status Updates: Don’t show up to a job site unannounced. Connect with your service requester to schedule a day and time that works for both of you to begin the job. Once this has been decided, The Up! App allows you to provide status updates with the tap of a button. Let your service requester know when a technician has been dispatched, when they have arrived and when they have completed the job.