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When every minute of downtime means money lost, the Up! app delivers
service provider options for fast, reliable repairs.

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How Up! Works

Through the Up! app, your service requests get matched to the service providers who best meet your cost and response time requirements.

Download the App and enter your information

Send Service Requests whenever a repair is needed.

Receive Responses from qualified Service Providers.

Schedule Repair Service Connect with your chosen service provider.

Find Service for

  • CNC Lathes
  • Machine tools
  • Automation equipment
  • Industrial robotics

Answers to your questions

What is the Up! app?

Up! is the free, rapid-response app for industrial equipment and CNC machinery service - quickly connecting service requesters to service providers and getting machines back up and running. Below is a list of commonly asked questions about this exciting new service.

How does the Up! app Work?

Up! matches equipment users in need of service to qualified service providers. The app may be used to request routine maintenance, repair, rebuild or to locate parts. On the other end of the request, a network of available and qualified service providers will receive a notification, directly to their mobile device, alerting them that service is requested. Service providers may then submit their rates, terms and availability. Service requesters may then select the service provider who best meets their needs.

Who should use the Up! app?

Up! creates a win-win situation for both service requesters and service providers. Service requesters can save money by reducing equipment downtime and service providers can receive notifications of new opportunities. If you are in need of service for your equipment or if you are a service provider of any size, the Up! app is a must have app.

How much does Up! cost?

Up! is FREE for both service requesters and service providers! There’s no catch, no subscription costs, no transaction fees, etc. It is 100% free.

How does the Up! app match specific service requests to qualified service providers?

When a service request is submitted, the service requester will include basic information about the equipment as well as a brief description of the service being requested. A service provider will only receive a notification for a service request if the request information aligns with the service provider’s profile; the areas in which they provide service, types of equipment they service, manufacturers they are qualified to service, etc.

How do I get the Up! app?

Up! is a completely free mobile app downloaded directly to your mobile device. The app is available on the App Store and on Google Play. Search “up! industrial machine service” or visit theupapp.com from your mobile device and click the link.

Are ratings part of the Up! app?

Yes, credibility is important when it comes to equipment service. Each completed service request receives a rating which makes up a service provider’s overall rating that is visible to service requesters.

What happens if a service request is submitted via the Up! app and receives no response?

The Up! customer satisfaction team monitors all transactions and will go to work behind the scenes to help fulfill the open service request.

What types of equipment can the Up! app help to fix?

Up! is designed to help provide service for a wide variety of industrial equipment, such as CNC machinery, from any time period. The app is populated with extensive lists of technology types and popular manufacturers to select from when submitting a service request. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Service requesters and service providers are encouraged and able to add technology types and manufacturers directly from the app. No matter how common or uncommon a piece of equipment is, someone out there is using it and someone out there can service it.