Published June 27, 2022
by The UP! App

Finding the right machine repair experts can be quite a challenge. Recent statistics reveal that the shortage of skilled, good employees is likely to worsen in the coming years. The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte study show that there will be more than 3 million vacant positions in the manufacturing industry by 2025, making finding employees even more difficult.

Luckily, with The UP! App, manufacturing companies can request services, communicate with machinists/robotics, and store critical information about the machines on one platform. The Up! App solves the skill gap issues and offers service requesters multiple options in order to increase retention by acting as companies’ hiring managers.

Workforce Trends and How they Affect New Employee Recruitment

With technology, today’s workforce has adapted new expectations and behavioral patterns. Machinists and technicians now have the freedom to choose when and where to work. Workers have shifted from working in centralized offices to freelancing full-time. Some of the latest trends affecting today’s workforce include:

Hybrid Working: There are three options when deciding where and when to work; remote organization, centralized workplaces, and hybrid working. Hybrid working is a flexible approach to working where employees are free to choose to work in centralized workplaces or remotely from a location of their choice, as well as additional incentives. An example of one of these incentives can be training programs. Research reveals that people who use the hybrid working model establish strong working relationships as team members and experience less burnout than those in centralized workplaces.

Emphasis on Skills Rather Than Roles: Finding a skilled machine service expert when the need arises is way more affordable than employing an under-utilized or under-skilled in-house team. Emphasizing skills allows you to address machine issues on time and reduce downtime. The Up! App allows you to choose an expert from an extensive network of skilled service providers.

Recruiting Trends: Finding talented employees is a concern for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors with low unemployment rates and limited skilled manufacturing technology repair experts available. Handling the competitive talent search market requires new recruiting techniques to recruit top talent on job boards.

Extending Talent Search to Social Channels: As manufacturing companies use social media to grow their brand, digital recruitment has gained popularity. Social outlets like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Ziprecruiter are crucial to the modern-day hiring process. Posting job opportunities on these platforms can be a great way to recruit new hires.

However, as valuable as social media can be, it has its limits. Employees and employers must be mindful of the legitimacy of job postings to avoid falling prey to online scams that encourage them to share personal information with people who are not genuinely seeking CNC machinists. And, many of today’s skilled service providers are less active on LinkedIn. Recruiters need to leverage a diverse range of channels and tools beyond just social media to maximize their recruitment efforts.

Hiring Machinists Requires Technical Recruiting

Technical hiring is the art of sourcing and hiring technicians for technical positions. It involves screening, testing, and interviewing technical candidates. Since the process can be complicated, you may request the help of a service recruiter. The recruiter is responsible for developing technical hiring strategies and managing job postings and advertisements while targeting what matters and interviewing candidates. However, this can quickly get expensive and time-burdensome.

Luckily, with The UP! App you don’t have to spend resources on hiring an in-house technical recruitment team. Our platform allows you to find potential service repair experts offering the specific services you are looking for.

In the fast-paced world of CNC machine service, technicians and machinists are in high demand and are seeking the opportunity to work freely. The competition is stiff and reputable service recruiters are rare to find.

Find Machinists and Technicians on The UP! App

The UP! App allows companies to enhance the machinist or technician recruitment experience. You can easily find someone to repair your machine on time, thus reducing downtime and ultimately enhancing your company’s productivity and retention. The in-app messaging feature has video and photo capabilities to enhance communication between the service requester and provider.

Service providers, too, have a wider pool of potential clients for job openings. The platform is ideal for service providers who feel they’re not cut out for the 8-to-5 lifestyle and prefer part-time or flexible work. What’s better is that local companies, and  OEMs requesting services can reach out directly to providers for the specific CNC machines on which they have the expertise, limiting the need to travel long distances for work.

The latest Up! 4.0 App comes with incredible features like:

  • Machine personalization and machine maintenance and repair history
  • Request editing allows requesters to edit and clarify problem descriptions within the original request.
  • Strong security and encryption features make sure your data remains safe and secure
Download The UP! App Now

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