Published September 1, 2022
by The UP! App

Simplify Service Management with The UP! App

The UP! App is an indispensable tool for both small service provider companies and the machine shops they serve. Machine service providers not only garner the benefits for their own operations but improve their customer experience by using The UP! App to manage service delivery. Read on to see 9 ways machine repair service provider companies are growing their businesses and how you can use The UP! App to grow yours:

1 – Expand your network.

The UP! App exposes service provider companies to opportunities across The United States, Canada, and Mexico. The UP! App enables service providers to customize the geographic parameters in which they wish to market their business as they expand beyond their local community.

2 – Match with jobs near you.

Machine shops tend to prefer support from local technicians. Tap into your regional network of manufacturers already using the app by communicating that you have technicians in designated geographic areas. This will not only benefit your team when it comes to travel time but appeal to your customer’s preferences.

3 – Choose jobs based on what’s right for your business.

The Service Provider Open Requests dashboard in The UP! Apps can be configured based on the attributes of your best customers. So, you can prioritize the opportunities you focus on based on what’s best for you and your team.

4 – Connect with qualified technicians to support service delivery.

The UP! App connects you to a large network of highly qualified service technicians. This allows you to quickly get in touch with providers to support your service delivery team as a supplement to your existing workforce or for securing a long-term placement on your team.

5 – Templatize how you manage new service opportunities.

The UP! App allows you to share details about how you would support a given service request in an easy and repeatable way.

6 – Submit estimates and communicate details with service requesters in one unified place.

The UP! App messaging tool offers a simple in-platform way to communicate with service requesters. In-app messaging offers text, photo, and video capabilities. Additionally, it’s easy to submit estimates and complete service requests without leaving the application.

7 – Keep track of services delivered.

The UP! App provides a unified place for Service Provider Companies to capture and track all maintenance jobs performed by customers.

8 – Highlight your team’s expertise.

Service Provider companies can highlight the technology areas of expertise and reasons they are credible by uploading official certificates, licenses, and other documents that show potential customers you are trustworthy.

9 – Improve your customers’ experience.

The UP! App not only centralizes the items outlined above for service providers. It creates an easy, unified place through which machine shops requesting services can communicate. By having their customers submit service requests through The UP! App service provider organizations can create a streamlined customer experience that serves as a point of difference in the marketplace.

Grow Your Business and Simplify Service Job Management With The UP! App

The UP! App gives small service provider companies the leverage they need to expand their business. Their customers can submit service requests, they can expand their network and connect with new customers, manage estimates and jobs in-app in a streamlined way, and even recruit new team members as they grow without leaving the app. Take day-to-day business project management into your own hands and download the UP! App on IOS or Android today, or use on your desktop browser.