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Explore how The Up! App can help you grow your business

Stay on top of new service requests with alerts on your mobile device or desktop.

Use Desktop App

Enter Your Email and Create a Password

This allows you to save all of your company information in The Up! App.

Ensure You Are Matched to Service Requests

Once in The Up! App, enter:

  • Manufacturers you support and service
  • Types of technologies you work on
  • Geographies you support

Then, The Up! App will provide you with notifications whenever your service capabilities match a service request.

Ways to Grow Your Business Using The Up! App

Utilize the app as another option for connecting with new customers and serving existing customers.

Ensure Brand Visibility

as The Up! App usage grows

Serve Existing Customers Better

for a current service or repair issue

Optimize Service Technicians

and minimize the time your staff is on the bench

Purchase Targeted Advertising

to build brand awareness and gain new customers

Schedule Your Technicians

with the Up! team management tools

Want to make sure that you get the most out of The Up App?

Click the button to the right to learn about the recommended service provider best practices.

It’s Free. It’s Fast.

That’s the beauty of The Up! App. It’s free!

  • Free to register
  • Free to request service
  • Free to respond to service requests
  • Free to book service
  • Free to complete service

There are no fees to submit quotes and no commissions on the work you do. We want this open marketplace to be a simple and easy place for people who need service to connect with people who can provide service – that’s you.

There’s no obligation, and you can connect with your new business relationships outside the app. We’re merely providing a platform to make it easy to make matches.

Need Help?

The Up! Customer Success team is happy to help you join the Up! network.

Call us at (614) 407-8674

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