Published August 16, 2022
by The UP! App

How The Hybrid Work Model Model Simplifies Machine Repair and Maintenance

Thanks to new technologies that have entered the market, manufacturers can now shorten the time from service requested to industrial machine repair. Instead of committing to a long-term employee, machine shops can use skilled service organizations and placement technologies to access independent service technicians with skills related to the machinery and technologies they use in their operations.

The hybrid work model provides manufacturers, machine tool OEMs, and Distributors, with the flexibility of supplementing their field service technicians with independent service technicians. Manufacturers can effectively keep up with the hybrid model and protect their bottom line with the right approach.

Here is how your company can start using the hybrid work model (or hybrid labor service model) to supplement your workforce and face the changes in the workplace.

Implement a Hybrid Work Model for Machine Tool Service

The hiring process is much different today than it was just 20 or even 10 years ago. Not only are employee expectations changing, but the methods through which companies can recruit new talent shadow the expected flexibility of the workforce.

Today, the promise of a blended workforce is enough to attract more people to a job. A blended work environment is all about the service provider, like an OEM or distributor, adding independent service technicians to their team of field service technicians. You can access performance services on their specialized machines through The UP! App. Manufacturers can benefit from this trend should they change their stance on how their work should operate.

The Hybrid Work Model

The hybrid work model is flexible for both independent service technicians and service requesters. Employers can garner benefits from the hybrid work model:

  • Reduce the time between service requests and industrial machine repair
  • Reduce costs that come from travel and other expenses as they expand their network of local independent repair technicians
  • Access industrial machine repair providers beyond the OEM service provider network

The hybrid labor service model can help all parties have increased satisfaction in their activity, leading to better outcomes for both employers, service providers, and the company.

How Machine Shops Use The UP! App for Their Machine Tool Repair and Maintenance Needs

Of course, it’s not just the employees on your payroll. The hybrid work model also allows companies to create a strong network of industrial machine repair technicians they can rely on to support their operations.

This is where solutions like The UP! App can become a true asset for manufacturers and machine tool builders (OEMs). As companies migrate to a flexible workplace to keep up with the trends and attract new qualified talent, for a lot of manufacturers and OEMs this can create certain gaps in their operations.

Through The UP! App manufacturers can easily submit a service request and be put in contact with several independent service technicians that can help address their needs in a timely fashion. The app itself displays all criteria companies need to make an informed decision, such as rates, estimated times, and quality ratings.

As a result, instead of hiring a machine tool repair technician all year round or depending solely on OEM provider networks, companies can simply pay for what they need, when they need it. These types of services aim to complement manufacturers’ migration to the hybrid work model and provide them with easy access to all the services they require to keep operations running smoothly while keeping the rising labor cost at bay.

Use The UP! App to Connect with Independent Machine Service Technicians Today

Through the UP! App manufacturers can tap into a network of freelance service providers that can assist them in their operations on an as-needed basis.

If your company is looking to find more flexible ways to staff your operations, we encourage you to tap into the new flexible labor market with The UP! App and request a demo today.

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