Published October 27, 2021
by The UP! App
How To Improve Industrial Machine Repair Times and Reduce Downtime with the UP! APP

A typical manufacturing company can be chaotic, especially if the machines have extended breakdowns. Industrial manufacturing equipment, such as CNC grinding machines, lathes and milling machines, require trained technicians when they break down. Some manufacturing companies have an in-house repair department, but the issue may be too complex for them to handle. Many small to mid-size manufacturing companies don’t have a repair department available. The solution for these problems is to outsource machine service via our app, the UP! App.

Unplanned downtime in the manufacturing industry due to machine failures can cause all kinds of problems for manufacturing companies, including late order delivery, unhappy customers, and increased costs.

The cost of machine downtime is well known. The causes of downtime are many, but preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of downtime due to equipment failure. Predictive maintenance is also a great way to reduce the occurrence of machine down time.

Travel Restrictions

The current travel restrictions that are still in place in some locations and regions adds another layer of complexity for machine repair and machine maintenance management.
However, the good news is that you can easily connect with local technicians and other fantastic machine service providers for more machine uptime using the UP! App.

What Does the UP! App Entail?

The UP! App is an app we built that is specifically made for manufacturers and technicians to connect. It allows industrial manufacturers to request particular machine services, find reliable local maintenance technicians, and get their machines up and running again quickly to reduce the amount of time your machine is down. For technicians who want to get more exposure and access more clients, they can do so on the UP! App.

Industrial manufacturers looking to hire pros for machine service repair or planned maintenance assistance can do so on the app as well. On the platform, we have a lot of industrial manufacturing technicians specializing in different machine service niches. That means that if you have a machine service issue that’s too complicated for your internal team, you can find one on the UP! App. The UP! App can also serve as an on-call maintenance team without the overhead.

How to Get a Reliable Machine Service Provider on the UP! App

Industrial manufacturers only need to open the app and make a service request. The app will display the details of your machinery and point out the issues that require the attention of a technician. Then, you will see a list of technicians who are capable of handling the issue.

The app will notify the technicians about your request and respond with details like rates or their availability. You can pick the best machine service provider by checking the customer reviews and comparing their fees. Once you have the ideal service provider, you can now start communicating, and book the technician to get your machine up and running within a short period of time.

Benefits of the UP! App to Service Requesters

The App is easy to use. Ease of use has been one of our primary goals for the UP! App since the very beginning. Our messaging and video chat features allow you to get immediate responses and quotes before doing the actual work. Besides, you don’t have to make calls or write emails and wait until the service provider is available. You can find an available technician with experience on your piece of equipment who will be willing to fix your machine and reduce downtime as much as possible quickly on our app.

Benefits of the UP! App to Service Providers

If you’re a technician, you will find new customers you didn’t even know existed,  growing your business and increasing revenue.  Use the in-app messaging tools to quickly communicate with the Service Requester.  If you’re a machine builder or supplier and have a shortage of in-house technicians, you can also use the UP! App, by switching roles, to fill up the slots and let your customers know that you’ll deliver within the shortest time possible. Besides, you can also relieve your highly skilled in-house techs from handling more complex jobs by scheduling routine preventative maintenance with the UP! App technicians. This cost-effective use of your machine technicians and external resources is an alternative maintenance strategy that is sure to reduce your maintenance costs, planned downtime, and keep your maintenance processes on schedule.

Download the UP! APP Now

The bottom line is that whether you only need advice or want a local technician to fix your machine, you’ll get what you need on UP! App. You can download the app on the Google Play Store, the Apple App Store or sign up using any internet browser.