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How The Up! App Helps: Industrial Machine Service Technicians

How The Up! App Helps: Industrial Machine Service Technicians

The Up! App is the free, rapid-response solution for industrial equipment repair and maintenance service – quickly connecting service requesters to service providers to get industrial machines back up and running.

Up! is not a downtime monitoring system; it is a platform to help service requesters get in touch with service providers to reduce machine downtime.  As a service provider, The Up! App gets your service offerings in front of those who need them, when they need them. Below we’ve detailed how to use The Up! App and the real benefits it can provide to your business, so you can get started today.  


How to Use The Up! App

The Up! App can be used on your desktop or mobile device, and is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  As a service provider, you may enter manufacturers you support and service, types of technologies you work on, and the geographic locations you service.  

Up! will provide you with notifications whenever your service capabilities match a request for industrial machine repair or maintenance.  You may then submit a quote, terms, and availabilities. Up! makes the interaction seamless, so you’re able to provide service at unparalleled speed.

Chris Thompkins, President of CTME CNC Machine & Electrical Services in New Orleans has been using The Up! App for the past six months and says, “Up! has given me more control over when, where, and how I grow business. When there is extra time, it’s easy to find clients and build relationships – relationships that can be fostered into repeat business.”


Is There a Catch?

There’s no catch – it’s completely free for both service providers and requesters, with no subscription costs or transaction fees for submitting bids or proposals, and no commissions on the work that you do.  There’s no obligation, and you can connect with your new business relationships outside the platform; The Up! App is merely an open marketplace to make matches and scheduling simple.





How You Benefit: 

Act Fast

With The Up! App, you have the ability to respond to new service requests instantly, optimizing your technicians’ time and productivity.  By pre-loading the names of your technicians, their service capabilities, and phone numbers, it makes it convenient to offer quotes, schedule a technician, and dispatch directly inside the platform.


Increased Visibility

Get your services in front of hundreds of key decision makers at a wide range of manufacturing plants.  The increased visibility gives you exposure to work you may not have known about previously, which offers opportunities to expand your business.  You can pick which requests you want to respond to, based on availability, budget, and geographic location.


Join Up! for free and explore the app on your desktop or mobile.