Published June 14, 2022
by The UP! App

Machining or manufacturing employment is more critical than most people think. The development and application of new technologies and digital transformation have led to new changes in the manufacturing space and automation in U.S. manufacturing. Whether the trends involve staff communication, labor shortage, future jobs, or supply chain it is essential to know what lies ahead and how it may affect the success of manufacturing companies.

The good news is that workforce management technology may address these challenges and put fears to rest. The UP! App’s top priority is to allow service requesters to connect with machining service providers to reduce downtime and increase retention. Here are some of the competitive advantages that can be addressed using The UP! App.

1 – Workforce Shortage

While manufacturing industries have also faced challenges with shortages of the materials and supplies they need to create finished products, there is also a pandemic shortage of skilled service providers to offer machining services in manufacturing production. As an entire generation gets lost in Generation X, many are gravitating away from full-time on-site manufacturing jobs as remote work increases. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to optimize the few skilled and knowledgeable service providers available for product development.

If you are looking for a machining service provider, The UP! App can offer a solution to manufacturing industries. The app allows manufacturers to find experts and is expected to solve the pandemic of 2.1 million workforce shortage by 2030.

2 – Loss of Knowledgeable Manufacturing Workforce to Retirement

With guaranteed pensions, workforce trends are showing more skilled technicians and machinists are leaving their jobs for retirement. With their departure, machine shops are losing valuable knowledge, experiencing decreased retention, and may not have enough transfer programs to reduce the loss. This is why many machine shops are looking for new and creative ways to fill the void, including tapping into the available freelance labor market such as the machine service providers using The UP! App.

3 – New Skills to Meet New Technology Getting Integrated into the Shop Floor

As the manufacturing industry evolves, the growing adoption of the industrial internet of things (IIOT), robotics, and automation are on the rise. As digital technology improves and these technologies see expanded adoption, the demand for experts familiar with these technologies and how they integrate into today’s shop floor become vital for a digitalized operation’s success. Many companies are turning to their existing workforce and building out programs to upskill their current team. However, many also cannot afford to wait. Tools such as The UP! App allows manufacturers to locate service providers that have the expertise they need on their existing equipment and software.

4 – Dynamic Demand

There is an increased demand for a workforce encompassing employees serving in a central office and those working outside the office. This dynamic workforce allows manufacturers to keep remote workers to call on when the demand arises. The manufacturing industry must create adaptability in the manufacturing workforce structure to advance manufacturing. This hybrid labor model leverages networks such as those of The UP! App to find respondents to assist your in-house team in machining service tasks.

5 – OEMs are Short-staffed and Need a Backup for Repairing or Servicing Machines

Typically, original equipment manufacturers have their own team to service their equipment out in the field. However, the OEMs have not been immune to the labor and skills shortages experienced throughout the industries they serve. Therefore, manufacturing operations are looking for alternative methods to service and repair their machines to maintain their required uptime. With the UP! App manufacturers can get local services faster from upskill professionals who work in OEMs.

A better way to find machine service

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