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Bringing On-demand Service Technology to Manufacturing

Up! is a technology start-up with a mission to deliver rapid response connections between service requesters and service providers in the manufacturing industry.

Addressing Manufacturing Challenges

We’ve observed just how critical machine uptime is to manufacturers. Every minute a machine or other piece of industrial equipment is down has the potential to result in lost time, lost revenue, lost business opportunity and lost reputation. You do not have time for downtime.

On-Demand Service App

We’re bringing on-demand service to the B2B sector, providing matches between those who need machine tool and industrial equipment service and those who can provide it. This niche sector may not be as large as on-demand taxi service (like Uber and Lyft) or as universal as home remodeling and repair (like Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor), but we know that it has great value.

Industrial Service at Your Fingertips

Why should consumers be the only ones to benefit from technology that matches people based on needs and capabilities? We know manufacturing, and we’ve built the app designed to address one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face – downtime.

Director, Strategic Partnerships and Growth Strategies
Harry E.M. Brandicourt
Director of Operations
Sunil Bhirani
Director, Sales & Customer Success
David Rhodes
Business Development Manager
Douglas Hall
Business Development Manager
Sam Wright
Customer Success Representative
Thomas Cheeseman
Customer Success Representative
Angela McIntosh

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Where Are We?

We’re headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and we are actively spreading the word about the free Up! App to manufacturers, machine shops, machine OEMs, machine distributors and third-party service providers. Our team is dedicated to building the largest, most comprehensive network of companies.


We all have a common goal to keep manufacturing running – to keep machines Up!